Is this you?

Mindful Metabolic Reset might be for you if you relate to any of the scenerios below.


It’s 3pm and like clockwork, you notice that you suddenly feel tired, sluggish, irritated, and ready for bed. 


You’ve tried everything and yet the scale still won’t budge. This can sometimes make you feel hopelessly frustrated.


Your lab work is “normal” but you know you should be feeling better. Right? 


Your hormones are a hot mess and you don’t even know where to begin to balance them.


All day long you dream about going to bed, but when it’s finally bedtime you suddenly have a burst of energy and can’t fall asleep.


You have chronic inflammation and pain that is preventing you from living life on your terms.


​You’re exasperated by the overwhelming amount of seemingly conflicting “health” information everywhere, making you wonder how on earth you are supposed to eat, sleep, and move your body in the “correct” way.

Imagine a life where

Breakthrough is Possible

You can experience these things with the freeing and life-giving habits you will easily be able to incorporate into your daily life from The Mindful Metabolic Reset Program.


Lose 15-20+ lbs in just 6 weeks and feel better than you did in your 20s, even if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.


​You catch your reflection in the mirror as you walk down the hall, pause, smile, and think, “Heck yes! I look good!”


​You balance your hormones and say goodbye to that stubborn belly fat for good.


You say goodbye to inconsistent bowel movements that leave you feeling bloated and sluggish.  


Play, run a 5K, walk stairs without aches and pains. 


You get a full night’s sleep and wake up 5 minutes before your alarm goes off feeling calm, well rested, and ready to take on the day.


You combat stress, find inner peace and learn to avoid triggers  even in the most challenging situations.

Here’s How We’ll Do It

8 Week Program with a 7 Pillar Approach

Autonomic Pairing

We teach you how to take control of your nervous system to help you reach a deep state of healing and balance.

Hormone Reset

We use a metabolic spray that helps reset your hormones improving your metabolism and energy and reduces cravings.

Joyful Movement

This program encourages movement you look forward to and is more healing in nature vs. intense, stressful and time-consuming.

Loving Awareness

We will cultivate mind-body skills that will encourage loving awareness and kindness towards self and others.

New Eating Window

Narrowing the time between your first and last meal will stabilize your appetite and improve metabolism.


Our private Facebook group of health-minded people on the same journey will support you along the way. 

Rest & Recovery

This program addresses the root causes of poor energy and sleep by teaching ways you can naturally improve your sleep.

Let’s Reset that Metabolism

We can help you to determine if this is the right program for you.


How long does the program last?

8 weeks of group meetings, 10 total weeks on the program, a lifetime of results and optimal health.

How much does the program cost?

$1697 which includes 8 groups sessions with Dr. Stringer, Facebook support, metabolic support drops, a welcome package, and an online education program.

What if I don't have Facebook?

You will still have the community support through our weekly zoom calls and your materials will be sent via email.

Can I do this program if I have dietary restrictions?

Yes.  Most people have dietary restrictions.  We’ve geared the program specifically for people like you.

What’s Included? 

  • Weekly Group Zoom Meeting
  • Weekly Q and A Session
  • Private Facebook community page for sharing and support
  • Check in with Dr. Stringer through your journal entries and 2 sessions each week
  • Email support with Dr. Stringer
  • Metabolic Drops to support hormonal balancing
  • Mind-Body Skills Curriculum throughout the 8 weeks
  • 8 Learning Modules on health-related topics to support your metabolism
  • Program Manual and Recipes
  • Welcome Kit with food scale, cutting board, and other goodies
  • Journal

Let’s get you the keys you need to transform and thrive!

~Dr. Stringer