Step 1

Initial Appointment

You will fill out the new patient intake form to set up your initial comprehensive consultation with Dr. Stringer.  

Step 2

Choosing your Program

After the initial appointment,  recommendations for solutions and further workup will be given.  You will have the opportunity to enroll in one of our three transformative programs or become a Vitality Medicine member (an option that is available only to patients who have worked closely with Dr. Stringer in the recent past).

You Were Designed to Thrive!

Every aspect of your biochemistry is continuously making energy, repairing damaged tissues and cells, neutralizing free radicals, cleaning up cellular waste products, detoxifying chemicals, balancing hormones and neurotransmitters, forming new nerve pathways, new blood vessels, new cells, gobbling up bacteria and cancer cells,  and regenerating the 30 trillion cells that make up your human beingness.

But sometimes, due to stress, infections, medications, trauma (emotional or physical), lack of sleep, poor nutrition, genetic tendencies, living in the modern world, exposure to environmental toxins, and being a caregiver for everyone else the body can get out of balance. When this happens:

The body starts to speak.

It starts out with a whisper,

But if it is not addressed,

It gets louder and louder

until it becomes a deafening noise.

This noise-   relentless aches and pains, debilitating fatigue, brain fog and memory issues, chronic headaches, indigestion misery, PMS, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, hot flashes, low libido, lack of joy and vitality in life- eventually demands full attention.

Let’s Find Your Solution

As a physician, I have watched the general population get more and more unwell-  more overweight, more tired, more stressed, more digestive disorders, more depressed and anxious, more disconnected from the natural world and cycle of life, more diabetes, more hormonal imbalance, more autoimmunity- all occurring at younger ages than ever before seen.

It does not have to be this way.

As a certified functional medicine and family physician who is always learning and exploring, I have had the privilege over the past 20 years to witness human beings’ remarkable ability to heal in mind, body, and spirit- even from seemingly impossible conditions.   I have dedicated my life to being part of the solution.  When working with my patients, I draw from my rich and varied life experiences as a world traveler, wilderness adventurer, student, teacher, mother of two spirited girls, lover of Life,  my extensive training in Family Medicine, Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, Mind Body Medicine, and my keen observation of the natural world where everything collaborates towards wholeness and balance.   It is my absolute joy and privilege to work with health-conscious individuals and groups who are seeking radical health and vitality at any age.

You were designed to thrive!  To your vitality with love,

Penney Stringer, MD